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(Approved September 20, 2017)


This organization shall be known as Armstrong Little League


a. The Purpose of the Armstrong Little League shall be to implant firmly in the boys and girls of Kittanning and the Worthington communities, without discrimination of any kind, the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage, reverence and fair play so that they may be finer, stronger, happier children and grow up to be moral, healthy and constructive adults.

b. These objectives will be achieved by providing competitive athletic games. The supervisors (Managers, Coaches and Parents) shall bear in mind that the attainment of exceptional athletic skill or the winning of games is secondary. The leadership and focus extended to these is of paramount importance.

c. Any supervisor not focusing on these traits will be brought before the executive board for explanation of his or her actions.


a. The Government of Armstrong Little League shall be under the direct supervision of the President of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will be a two-tiered board consisting of the Executive Board and the General Board. The total membership of the Board of Directors will not exceed 29 individuals.

b. The Executive Board will consist of seven individuals. These are President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Equipment Manager, Safety Officer, Player Agent and Coaching Coordinator. No two executive board members may be from the same immediate family.

c. The Board of Directors shall elect, annually, the seven mandatory officers.

d. The General Board will consist of Umpiring Chief, League Information Officer, Uniform Coordinator, Fundraising Coordinator, Concession Coordinator, Tournament Coordinator or other positions, as the Executive Board deems appropriate.

e. When called upon board members will be charged with a specific task or duty. All board members are expected to present a verbal/written report for every meeting they are in attendance.

f. All matters of the Armstrong Little League shall be decided by a vote of the Board of Directors, and no motion shall be carried without a favorable vote by a majority of those board members present. No telephone or proxy voting will be permissible. You must be present to cast a vote.

g. Attendance at the Board of Directors meetings is of paramount importance. Therefore, any member absent for three (3) successive meetings or is absent for more than 50% of the meetings in one 12 month period could be immediately removed from the board and will not be eligible for reinstatement until the next open election is held. This will be reviewed on a case by case basis as extraordinary situations can occur. Regarding voting, letter F may not apply in this case.


a. A meeting of the Board of Directors meeting shall be conducted at least bimonthly and ideally every month. Additional meetings may be called by the president or upon written request of at least 3 other board members.

b. A quorum at any meeting shall be met when one-third of the members (29 maximum), are present and a majority vote of those present shall govern, except when otherwise noted.

c. Roberts Rules of Order shall govern the proceedings of all meetings (except where there is conflict with specific constitutional or bylaw rules). All board members shall be respectful of each other and treat others with a high degree of professionalism.

d. Any individual, not on the board, shall be given permission to address the board at any regularly scheduled meeting. However, for extraordinary circumstances, the President may call a special meeting. Requests to address the Board must be made in writing to the president. NOTE: All efforts will be made to resolve concerns at the lowest possible level and a formal meeting should only be held when all other means of resolution has been exhausted. In cases were non board members are in attendance, they will be heard first and then dismiss themselves from further proceedings.

e. A board member may be forcibly removed from their office or appointment only after a two-thirds majority vote of the entire board. The individual in question shall not have a vote in this process. Appeals may be sent in writing to the local district administrator. In a meeting such as this members do not need to be present to cast a vote. Alternate voting means will be made available.

f. Every effort should be made to limit the meetings to a maximum of two hours and the agenda should be adhered to, as close as possible, to be within the two hour limit.


a. Individuals wishing to be managers may submit their names for consideration anytime after the first sign up is held and before the tryouts occur.  This can be by official letter or it can be also be accomplished by checking the manager box on the Volunteer Application/Background check.

b. The safety officer will then process all background check applications.  If the background check reveals any crime involving minors said individual is automatically disqualified from EVER participating in Armstrong Little League in ANY capacity.  The safety officer will inform the board that the applicant is not eligilbe and will not be considered an applicant.
c.  In addition, prospective applicants will be automatically disqualified as detailed below:
1. If an indivudual has, within the past 7 years (from January 1 of the current league year) a drug related offense appearing on his/her background check they are automatically disqualifed from managing, coaching, or any other involvement in Armstrong Little League.
2. If an individual has 3 or more alcohol related offenses within the past 7 years (from January 1 of the current league year) he/she is automatically disqualified from managing, coaching or any other involvement in Armstrong Little League.
3. If the background check reveals any felony conviction, regardless of date, that applicant will be automatically disqualifed from managing, coaching or any other membership to Armstrong Little League.
4.  In addition, if during the season, an active manager, coach, or other KLL member is found guilty of an offense, that would disqualify a prospective applicant, he/she will be immediatly removed from Armstrong Little League. 

c. These names will then be presented to the board for discussion and voting. If a board member, or members, have applied to be a manager they/he/she must leave the room while the discussion is taking place and will not have a vote in their own consideration. Managers must be voted by a majority of members present.

d. Only one manager is chosen per team. He she may not enter into the consideration process with any other coaches. In essence, he/she must satisfy the remainder of their coaching staff from parents/guardians/relatives of the players they select.

e. The manager shall be responsible for the selection of their team and staff, and for their actions on the field. In addition they are responsible for the players/staffs actions prior to, during and immediately after official games or Armstrong Little League sanctioned practices.


a. Any child meeting the requirements as to age and
residency, as set forth in the rules of Little League Baseball Inc., will be eligible to participate in the Armstrong Little League.

b. All dues or fees must be paid in full prior to any league practice or participation. This requirement may be waived for individuals who are unable to pay if requirements of Little League International are met.

c. The Board of Directors shall have the authority to suspend any member or manager whole conduct is considered detrimental to the best interest of the league. This must be by majority vote. If suspended it will be immediate and will be for the remainder of the season (to include the all star tournaments). Please see Attachment 1 - Coaches Code of Conduct

d. Members, of the Board of Directors, shall upon evidence of the misconduct of any child, notify the manager of the team of which the child is a member within 24 hours of the act. Said manager shall appear in the capacity of an advisor with the child and his/her parents or guardian within 72 hours of the act. The board’s decision must be by majority vote.

e. In cases of misconduct the Executive Board has the authority to convene quickly and may dismiss members immediately.

f. All Board Members, committee members, managers, Coordinators and other selected/appointed officers must be active members in good standing.

g.  All applicable background check policies and procedures, detailed above in Article V, apply to any individual applying for membership in a non managing/coaching capacity as well.


a. The board of directors shall decide all matters pertaining to the finances of the league and it shall be a permanent policy to place all income in a common league treasury, directing the expenditure of same in such a manner as will give no individual or team an advantage over the others as to equipment, etc.

b. It is the policy of Armstrong Little League that all checks written will require two signatures of league officers. Persons with check signing ability are the President, Treasurer and Secretary. However, no two members, permitted to sign checks, shall be related by blood or marriage. Nor shall two approved check signers be married to another.

c. All non recurring or out of the ordinary expenditures over the sum of $100.00 dollars will need to be approved by at least two members of the Executive Board.

d. If credit or debit cards are available the same monetary stipulations will apply to their use.

e. All uniforms and uniform related items must be Board Approved. To include All Star uniforms.


a. The official playing rules and rules for local leagues as published by Little League Baseball, Inc., shall be binding on this league. Armstrong Little League reserves the right to exceed the Little League International rules in certain circumstances.


a. This constitution or any section thereof may be amended or repealed by a two thirds vote of the entire Board of Directors present at any stipulated meeting; providing that a written notice of said proposed changes, over the signature of the secretary shall be mailed to each member of the Board of Directors at least 5 days prior to the meeting at which such proposed change shall be submitted to vote.


The president shall:

a. Conduct the affairs of the Local League and execute the policies established by the Board of Directors.
b. Present a report of the condition of the Local League at the Annual Meeting.
c. Be responsible for the conduct of the Local League in strict conformity to the policies, principals, Rules and Regulations of Little League Baseball, Incorporated, as agreed under the conditions of charter issued to the Local League by that organization.
d. Communicate to the Board of Directors such matters as deemed appropriate, and make such suggestions as may tend to promote the welfare of the Local League.
e. Designate in writing other officers, if necessary, to have power to make and execute for/and in the name of the Local League. Such contracts and leases they may receive and which have had prior board approval.
f. Investigate complaints, irregularities, and condition s detrimental to the Local League and report thereon to the Board or Executive Committee as circumstances warrant.
g. Prepare and submit an annual budget to the Board of Directors and be responsible for the proper execution thereof.
h. With the assistance of the Player Agent, examine the application and support proof of age documents for player candidates and certify to residence and age eligibility before the player may be accepted for tryouts and selection.


The vice president shall:

a. Perform the duties of the president in his/her absence.
Provided he or she is authorized by the President or Board so to act. When so acting the Vice President shall have all the powers of that office.
b. Perform such duties as from time to time may be assigned by the Board of Directors.


The Secretary shall:

a. Be responsible for recording the activities of the Local League and maintain appropriate files, mailing lists and necessary records.
b. Perform such duties as are herein specifically set forth, in addition to such other duties as are customarily incident to the office of Secretary or as may be assigned by the Board of Directors. Maintain a list of all Board Members and Committee heads and give notice of all upcoming meetings.
c. Keep the minutes of the meeting of the Board and cause them to be recorded in a book kept for that purpose.
d. Conduct all correspondence not otherwise specifically delegated in connection with said meeting and shall be responsible for carrying out all orders, votes and resolutions not otherwise committed.


The Treasurer shall:

a. Receive all monies and securities, and deposit it in a depository approved by the Board of Directors.

b. Keep records for the receipt and disbursement of all monies and securities of the Local League, including the Auxiliary, approve all payment from allotted funds and draw checks therefore in agreement with policies established in advance of such actions by the Board of Directors. All disbursement checks must have dual signatures.
c. Under direction of the President, prepare and annual budget for submission to the Board of Directors at it’s annual meeting.
d. Prepare an annual financial report, under the president direction, for submission to the membership and Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting and to Little League Headquarters.


The Player Agent Shall:

a. Record all player transactions and maintain an accurate and up to date record thereof.
b. Receive/review applications for player candidates, review geographic eligibility and assist the president in age verification.
c. Conduct the player drafts, and all other player transactions or selection meetings.
d. Prepare the Player Agents List.
e. Prepare, for the President’s signature, team rosters, including players’ claimed, and the tournament team eligibility affidavit.
f. Notify Little League Headquarters of any subsequent player replacements or trades.


The Safety Officer Shall:

a. Be responsible for creating awareness, through education and information of the opportunities to provide a safer environment for all participants of Little League Baseball.

b. Develop and implement a plan for increasing safety of activities, equipment and facilities through education, compliance and reporting.

It is the Safety Officers’ discretion to fulfill his/her duties by utilizing utilize these examples:

1. Education – Should facilitate meetings and distribute information among participants, including players, coaching staffs, umpires, league officials, parents and all other volunteers.
2. Compliance – Should promote safety compliance leadership by increasing awareness of the safety opportunities that arise from these responsibilities
3. Reporting – Define a process to assure that incidents are recorded, information is sent to league/district and national offices, and follow-up information on medical and other data is forwarded as available.


The equipment officer shall:

a. Replace damaged or defective equipment.
b. Ensure, to the best of his or her ability, the safety of said equipment.
c. Distribute and inventory said equipment.


a. The League may be dissolved by a two-thirds vote of all persons in attendance at the Board of Directors Meeting.
b. Dissolution shall be accomplished by a board of five individuals selected at said general session with the understanding that all monies or properties of the league be transferred (without consideration) to a Charitable, Non-Profit, or educational organization in greater Kittanning. The receiving group should focus its assistance on the area’s youth.


These bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of all persons present entitled to vote as a member of the Board of Directors. The exception is Article XVI dealing with dissolution and it may only be amended by a majority two-thirds vote.